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Change Management

Change Management

Ensuring business change is successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits

Helping you reap the benefits of change

For us, good change management is key in taking you from your first thoughts and ambitions through to the realization of the benefits you are aiming to achieve. It involves a clear, well-articulated vision, a compelling business case, committed leadership, well-informed and involved stakeholders and an organisation ready and willing to make the change.

It should not be viewed as a bolt-on or afterthought, but as a fundamental part of the success of any project, from global transformation programmes through to technology implementations or the introduction of new ways of working.

Drawing on our experience and applying our distinctive approach to change management, we’ll work with your people to plan and implement change in order to realise genuine business benefits.

An effective framework for change

We think it’s important to have a framework to help you manage change, recognising that it’s a journey for both your organisation and your people.

Creating the vision

We believe that good change starts with setting a clear vision of the future. This provides the foundation for enabling everyone involved to see what needs to be done and why it is worth doing. Creating a real sense of shared ownership is vital for making the change happen and stick for the long term.

Preparing the business

Change impacts are not standard so why apply a generic methodology? In preparing for the change, we put a heavy emphasis on sizing the scale of the change challenge and really understanding how the business as a whole, its organisational units and individuals will be impacted. This results in a much more holistic approach and one which is tailored for your business.

Leading the way and creating real ownership

If you really want change to occur, your leadership has to be absolutely prepared to back it and be involved from the outset through to completion, even when times get tough. We focus on this core principle with all our clients. We believe it’s the people who make all the difference. Delivering change successfully requires a lot of effort and sensitivity, but a people-first approach pays dividends.

Focusing on realising the benefits

Perhaps most importantly, our way of helping you change ensures there is a focus on outcomes – on realising the benefits of your investment. You need to have a very clear idea of what you are actually going to get out of the changes you plan to make, and exactly how you are going to get those outcomes. We work with our clients at both an organisational level in terms of future roadmaps and budgets but also focus on the people aspects, ensuring alignment of reward, recognition and personal objectives with the desired outcomes of the change programme.

A small team; a big difference

We won’t come with an army of consultants or pre-set ideas and methodologies. Instead, using our experience, insight and guided by our framework for effective change (see below), we’ll work with you to construct the right approach, making sure that your people are at the heart of the change that you want to achieve.