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There is a growing need to build holistic understanding from the journey of startups’ development along with the service ecosystems that support this journey by connecting experience based and globally recognized methods, tools and knowledge from the different stages in a systematic manner. Our entrepreneurship training is targeted at new entrepreneurs, startups, educators and startup ecosystem support organization personnel.

Nawiri Life focuses on building a 360 degree understanding about the entrepreneurship journey through various perspectives and connects all relevant and familiar startup related topics with links to keywords, resources and tools for further self learning and to turn theory into action.

Our key target is to increase the volume of entrepreneurship and likelihood of startup success. It focuses on the acquisition of knowledge about the startups’ development journey to remove or reduce the highest “universal risks”, as well as to educate about optimal methods and structures for startups that are both strong and flexible to sustain failures at various levels.

Most importantly, the goal is to provide reasoning and to connect with other sources and data that support the knowledge and views provided.

Training Level 1

  • General presentation about startup development phases: from formation, to validation, to scaling. Key points from each of the stages from various perspectives (entrepreneur, team member, mentor, investor etc.)
  • Key terminology: idea & innovation, entrepreneurship & startups
  • Key success & failure factors
  • Investors, valuation, advisors & mentors

  • How startup stages help in building a venture
  • How do investors and others view startups
  • How is value built and measured in various phases
  • Basic methods & tools
  • Additional tools & resources for self learning

Training Level 2

  • Focus on the formation phase, which is the most crucial phase for co-founding team building
  • Preparing for the journey: what things to focus on and why?
  • Value of ideas & how to innovate more systematically
  • Building BIG visions
  • Measuring potential
  • Success & failure factors
  • Mission, Vision & Strategy
  • Co-founder team building
  • Idea / team fit

  • Shareholder agreement (SHA)
  • Confirming team commitment
  • Problem / solution fit
  • Market timing and journey
  • Planning in short & long term
  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Funding options and strategies at this stage
  • Additional tools & resources for self learning