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Procurement Management

Procurement Management

World-class procurement organizations can reduce a company’s purchasing cost base by an average of 8%–12% and deliver additional annual savings of 2%–3%. Nawiri Life works closely with your team to identify and realize savings across all spend categories and procurement levers. Along the journey, we build your organizational capabilities to sustain procurement gains over the long term.

The Results You can Expect

  • Spend cube –  A clear, complete picture of companywide procurement spend.
  • Savings diagnostic – Savings initiatives across all categories and a view of the capabilities required to achieve full potential.
  • Savings delivery – Full potential savings opportunities realized from all direct and indirect categories using all procurement levers.
  • Results sustainability – The right organizational structure, operational model and talent capabilities make results stick.

Procurement Management Training

Our numerous procurement training sessions feature the following didactical characteristics for participants:

  • Profound background training
  • Interactive involvement of all participants
  • Special emphasis on real life hands-on experience and particularities
  • Collaborative creation of practically proven and successful concepts
  • Case studies
  • Frequent use of role playing
  • Follow up of the session after 4-6 months to ensure and review usefulness in daily work

External Training Sessions are executed by us  for participants from various enterprises on topics decided upon beforehand.

In-house Training Sessions will be specially tailored for one enterprise or institution. Topics and modalities (training, workshop, etc.) are highly  individualised.  Training sessions use case studies from real life. Some sessions may involve additional highly qualified co-trainers.

Your advantage: enhanced moderation effect and enlargement of the communicated knowledge

Current training topics for external and in-house events:

    • Global Sourcing in real life
    • Implementation and extension of strategic procurement
    • Practical training of all requirements, challenges and duties of the head of purchasing
    • Use of all available procurement tools to improve company competitiveness
    • Implementation and extension of material group management
    • Practical examples for negotiation tools, using case studies and role playing, in collaboration with an experienced sales executive
    • Practical and efficient leadership techniques, using case studies and role playing in collaboration with an experienced manager
    • Practical Supply Chain Management in collaboration with a specialized consultant
    • Practical procurement controlling in collaboration with a specialized consultant
    • Practical supplier evaluation, quality management and supplier audits in collaboration with an experienced QC manager
    • Optimization of the procurement organization