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Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis is a structured approach to identifying the learning and development needs of individuals against an agreed framework of the skills and competencies required for them to fulfill their role effectively.

When combined with expert knowledge of training and development practices it is a powerful technique from which to identify and develop training interventions which are most appropriate to individuals, teams and sometimes organisations as a whole.

Effective Training Needs Analysis:

  • Enables identification of skills and competency gaps so you can build highly skilled people and teams
  • Highlights organisation or team specific competency gaps which need to be addressed to deliver future strategic and cultural alignment
  • Enables identification of highly skilled and competent individuals and exploitation of their areas of strength
  • Facilitates prioritisation of training and development activity and expenditure towards critical areas for development
  • Nawiri Life consultants have considerable experience in the application of Training Needs Analysis in their specialist fields. Our approach is summarised in the following diagram, linking Training Needs Analysis to the development of customised training solutions:

In our experience it is important that assessment of existing skills and competencies are carried out against a detailed framework which is considered to support the achievement of individual, team and even organisational objectives. Our consultants have the experience and professional knowledge in their specialist fields to advise on which competencies enable individuals to effectively perform their roles and also to be able to make an objective assessment of their current status.

We are then able to help you prioritize these learning needs and develop a tailored individual or team training plan, incorporating appropriate methods of training and development into its design.