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Investment Risk Management

Investment Risk Management

Risk management is one of the core capabilities of any successful investment manager. Successful risk management supports portfolio managers to actively take risks, help mitigate the impact of any loss stemming from risks that materialize, and avoid unintended risks. In addition, investment risk management needs to be targeted towards all stakeholders, from portfolio managers, to senior management, regulators, and clients.

Nawiri Life delivers training and consulting services in Investment Risk Management that will organizations to design successful risk management approaches supporting their investment solutions in delivering upon their promises.

Nawiri’sĀ Investment Risk Management training and consulting covers the following areas

Understanding the Role of Investment Risk Management

  • Controlling the consistent implementation of the investment process
  • Mitigating the impact of losses stemming from materializing risks
  • Supporting the investment performance generation by aligning risk management and investment philosophy

Stakeholder Communication at its Best

  • Tailoring investment risk management to the stakeholder needs
  • Finding the right balance in timeliness, frequency, and content regarding communication

Planning for the Unexpected

  • Understanding the importance of processes and governance
  • Avoiding hustle when the unexpected occurs

Building and Testing Investment Risk Models

  • Applying a systematic and holistic investment risk model building framework
  • Testing robustness and modeling assumption
  • Overcoming challenges in back-testing risk models

Modeling Investment Risk

  • Probability distribution based approaches
  • Factor models
  • Process methods
  • Extreme value theory

The Never Ending Story of Parameter Estimation

  • Assuring data quality
  • Handling missing data
  • Understanding the features of different parameter estimation algorithms